Oh, Deere!

Living in Southwestern Indiana, surrounded by corn and soybean fields, we see our share of heavy farming equipment.  Maybe for that reason or maybe just for the sake of curiosity and learning, Bill has wanted to tour the John Deere plant.  Since we were already in the northern part of the State of Illinois, we […]

With the Mice Away…

We did play! Sunday after we got home, we had a garage purge session.  We tossed out two barrels full of junk and put aside two two bikes the boys had outgrown.  Bill helped me list them on Letgo but we agreed that if they didn’t sell by Tuesday, we would donate them to a […]

Lodge Week

Today starts the last session of camp for the summer.  The boys were both so excited to get there that even though we were up super late with sashes, we were out the door by seven in the morning.  We stopped for Starbucks and McDonalds breakfast and we still managed to arrive first at the […]

Oh, Sash!

Mason and Walker are both proud Camp Ondessonk Lodge members.  Recently, they reminded me that there is such a thing as a lodge arrowhead.  To earn this arrowhead, the boys each need to attend a lodge reunion weekend, do a few service projects at camp and make 40 lodge sashes.  Mason wanted to make his […]

Picking up the California Kiddo

  Today was finally the day that Walker was due to return from California.  Mason was invited to a sleep over party tonight so that meant Bill and I headed to St. Louis alone to pick up our California kid. We decided to make a full day of it and we headed out early.  In […]

4-H Week 2017

This week was the Warrick County 4-H Fair.  Mason completed a Division II Electric Project to build a shakelight.  He and Bill worked together to complete the activities in the handbook and then soldered the pieces to make the light.  Good solder is the key to a good project. They also made a display board. […]

On the Edge

Last night Mason and I added our third stadium to the list of major league baseball stadiums we have visited this summer. Hello, Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds. This time our seats were the first row in the outfield.  It was a very different and very fun experience.  We were told […]

A Good Turn

One of the scouts in our troop is working on his eagle project right now, building informational kiosks for the zoo.  He invited other scouts to come help paint so Mason and Bill went to lend a hand. They were in good company.  It was heartwarming to see scouts of all ranks as well as […]

How Did He Do That?

Hello, Nashville! For Mason’s birthday, we got tickets to for David Blaine on tour at Ryman Auditorium.  The show started at 8 but we drove down early so we could kick around town and have a nice dinner. We explored another video game arcade.  Similar to the one we visited in Chicago, they also had a […]

Royal Fun

Today Mason and I took Martin, Carter and Colin to the Royal Suite theater to see Spider-Man: Homecoming.  It was Mason’s choice to invite friends to have a meal, stretch out and be waited on while watching a movie as his birthday celebration.  When the show was over, the boys all came back to the […]