Holding Court


This afternoon was our annual Boy Scout Court of Honor at the park.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we had a nice turnout of families.  After lunch, the Court of Honor began. 

Ben and Jerett gave a report on their experiences hiking Philmont on the St. George Trek last month. They covered a lot of ground and had great anecdotes to share.


Then Captain D passed out participation and merit badges to all the scouts who had attended summer camp at Camp Ransburg


Each scout told something he liked about camp.


Mason received his cooking and first aid merit badges and moved up two ranks from Scout to Tenderfoot to Second Class. He is the first in the group of new scouts to rank up to Second Class and we are proud of him.


Walker received merit badges for kayaking, woodcarving, veterinary medicine and weather. With one more pass on water skis, he will also have his motor boating badge.  In addition, he earned his first palm which is recognition for having earned five merit badges beyond the 21 needed for his eagle ranking.

It was wonderful to recognize all the scouts this afternoon. 


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