Wrapping Up Lodge week


Today marks the end of the summer camp season for Ondessonk campers and the goodbyes took much longer than usual.  Both of the boys wanted to linger and get their last camp fixes.



Mason played as many rounds of gaga as he could and Walker disappeared to say goodbye to all the staff and campers he could find.


When we finally extricated Mason from the pit, his feet were a dusty mess.


I passed the time waiting for the kids by casting on a preemie hat.


Then it was time to drive off and head to Cracker Barrel for the last post-camp meal of the season.

This week I don’t have too many photos of Walker and Mason because the camp photographers do not often run in the same circles with the Lodge members.

Lodge 1

Lodge 2

It looks like Mason’s first time doing the Lodge slip and slide down the giant hill met his fancy.

Lodge 3

Thursday they were off in the Council Ring practicing for the Lodge Ceremony that evening.

Lodge 4

That’s Walker on the boulder at right.

Lodge 5

lodge 6

lodge 7

Mason played a role in the ceremony as an evil spirit.  There is no photo documentation but apparently he was covered in green paint.  It was even in his ears.


I’m not surprised that Walker helped with building the Friday night campfire.


It’s the backdrop for the unit skits.


Finally, we got a picture of the kids hanging out in the Wolf Lounge.  The camp has a trunk of hammocks for campers to use if they don’t have their own with them.

So that’s the summer camp wrap up for 2017. Thankfully, we will be back at Ondessonk in a few weeks for the Total Eclipse of 2017.

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