On Eagle’s Wings


Tonight was the night! Walker went before the Eagle Scout Review Board to present his project for approval. He was armed with his completed binder and prepared to answer questions.  He had a practice review board with leaders from our troop which helped him gather his thoughts and prepare answers to questions that the board may ask him about the process.


He was quite fortunate.  His board of review went well and the leaders were kind and supportive of him.  Thankfully, his project was approved and he walked out with his new rank as Eagle. Woohoo!


Walker is one of the youngest scouts in our troop to earn his Eagle rank.  To show his pride as a scout, he wanted to wear his merit badges.  For all the years he has been collecting them, they have just gotten put in a mason jar.  I sat down today and finally sewed them on his sash.  He wanted them sewn on in the order that he earned them.  He looks might official with the sash on.

We had a celebratory dinner at a hibachi restaurant.  It was a great way to end the night.


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