Monthly Archives: September 2017

Fall Lodge Reunion

Walker couldn’t wait to get out to Camp Ondessonk on Friday night for the Fall Lodge Reunion. It was a full weekend to spend time with folks he enjoys at the place that makes his heart happy. The main goal is to do service for camp as the Lodge mission states. I’m not sure what […]

happy birthday, Walker!

Exciting news! Walker is now 15 and the holder of an Indiana driver’s permit.  Today is the first day he was eligible to sit for the test which he passed with flying colors.  He is enrolled in a certified driving class and now can start getting behind the wheel practice. Per his request, we went […]

Service Sunday

When we were at Camp Ondessonk for eclipse weekend, Mason completed a service project for his lodge arrowhead by helping reset the meeting room for the workshops. During the set up, the camp director commented to Bill that the chairs were functional but pretty unsightly.  A light bulb went off and Mason proposed that he […]

Destination :: Illinois

Today was a divide and conquer day.  The scouts had a hike on the calendar, Walker volunteered at a golf benefit for Camp Ondessonk and I had a service commitment for Mother to Mother.  It was dark o’clock when the Bill and the boys headed out to Illinois. Walker spent the day helping at the […]

I Spy for Cate

Good friends of mine just welcomed their first grandchild into the world. They have always been admirers of my handwork so I knew a little quilt was in order.  There have been many variations of my I Spy quilts over the years but they never get old.  I enjoyed making this one just as much […]

Lynnsey’s Quilt

  Wouldn’t you know I was working on the last shirt quilt when a request to make another one rolled in?  Out of the blue Bill got a text from a former colleague asking if I would be able to make a quilt for her daughter.  When I met with Cindy, she presented me a […]