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A Bear Hug

A few years ago I learned about the Mother Bear Project from the hosts of a knitting podcast I listen to.  Every summer they host a Mother Bear KAL/CAL (Knit A Long/Crochet A Long) and every year I have smiled from a distance.  According to the Mother Bear Project website, they are a non-profit organization […]

Baseball Love

This is what you get when you combine baseball, good friends and knitting.  My pal Melissa is the first person I met when I moved to Indiana.  She was knitting in the “wild” at a mom and pop version of Chuck E. Cheese while her daughter was playing.  We lost track of each other over […]

Tracking Time

Bill always takes the boys’ birthdays off and this year was no exception.  We just didn’t know when he blocked his schedule that the boys would be at camp.  So with the free day ahead of us, Bill decided it would be the perfect time to see how long it would take for him to […]

Swim Practice

The boys dove into the pool to get some practice before camp starts.  Since Mason heads to Ondessonk in less than two weeks, it is time to brush off the water wings and test the waters.  Swim tests are right around the corner. I spent my time there knitting a little sweater vest called Milo […]


There is always knitting in my bag, by the sofa, in the kitchen and in my car.  It grows and grows and sometimes it becomes sweaters.  I saw a friend make this tunic for her daughter and I loved it.  I commented that I wished it were available in my size.  Lo and behold, the […]

This is NOT a mistake

See that hole in my sock?  I put it there myself with that pair of scissors and I did it intentionally.  I am putting a heel where that hole is.  Stand by…

Put a Watermelon Rind…

When I was about ten, I went to summer camp and learned a ton of camp songs. It must have been all the repetition which cemented them in my brain because I can still remember a handful today. Put a watermelon rind in the palm of my hand and let the juice s-s-seep through.Put a […]

Yarn Bombing

Last Saturday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  My local knitting store planned to meet at the promenade to have a giant group of knitters out doing what knitters do best—knit! They ordered T-shirts and best of all, they planned to yarn bomb the rails of the promenade. Yarn bombing is like graffiti but with […]

Sock Souvenir

I planned my knitting for the trip to be something simple.  I bought this Paton’s sock yarn about a month ago and knew that as soon as I finished my St. Patrick’s Day socks, these would be next in the queue.  I needed spring colors and flowers.  This color way is called Meadow Stripes.  It […]

Spreading My Wings

Thanks to my artful photographer, I have a lovely set of photos to show of my recently finished Quaker Ridge Shawlette.  Mason told me to hold my arms out like a bird and I did as I was told.  Actually, I really did spread my wings on this shawl.  I learned a new technique.  All […]