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I Spy for Cate

Good friends of mine just welcomed their first grandchild into the world. They have always been admirers of my handwork so I knew a little quilt was in order.  There have been many variations of my I Spy quilts over the years but they never get old.  I enjoyed making this one just as much […]

The Gifts of St. Nick’s Day

In preparation for St. Nick’s arrival, the boys put their shoes in front of the fireplace last night.  The funny thing is that I forgot that St. Nick’s day was today and I kept harping on the kids to put their shoes away.  Silly me! At any rate, this morning Walker and Mason discovered that […]

Baseball Love

This is what you get when you combine baseball, good friends and knitting.  My pal Melissa is the first person I met when I moved to Indiana.  She was knitting in the “wild” at a mom and pop version of Chuck E. Cheese while her daughter was playing.  We lost track of each other over […]

Togetherness is Precious

Mason sat Sophia down for a story before he headed off to school.  Then as I got everything ready for our day, Sophia sat and played with her toys.    It was another unseasonably warm day so I took Sophia back to the river for a walk for about an hour before we left for Mount […]

Bag Lady

I am on a roll sewing again.  Today’s finish is a box bag made with this tutorial.  Over the last few years, I have placed multiple orders for custom rosaries.  The woman who makes them always does a meticulous job and basically charges nothing for her time and labor.  I inquired about her favorite color […]

Pins and Needles

One of my friends has just taking on quilting and is celebrating a birthday.  What fun it was for me to pull through some scraps and make her a sweet gift.  She is now the owner of a new pincushion and a needle book. To make the pincushion, I did a pair of improv blocks, […]

A Secret Field Trip

Sh! Don’t tell Bill that today the boys and I had a top secret field trip out to Lynnville, Indiana.  What’s in Lynnville, you ask? Bogan’s Bonsai. As soon as we pulled up in front of the house, I knew we were in the right place. Bill has been a long time fan of bonsai […]

My Lucky Day

I love when being vulnerable and asking for help works out like this.  Oh, the joy of having great friends! 

More Bags

I am happy to report I can now do French seams in my sleep and I conquered my fear of buttonholes.  I made one of these gift bags a while back and over the last few days, I opened and closed the gift bag sweatshop.  They really don’t take that long but I only sewed […]

Sewing Up Some Love

Today I made a box bag to send to a special friend for her birthday.  The fabric makes me happy.  I love a treat that is non-caloric and brightly colored. I hope it makes her happy too! On the Lenten project front, I’m still continuing to meet my goal of one a day.  Today’s contribution […]