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Scout Cooking

Tonight’s scout meeting was geared toward practicing skills and we have learned there are two things that really grab a scout’s attention—food and fire. To that aim, Bill provided the opportunity for them to prepare cheese and pepperoni pizza in Dutch ovens.  They mixed crusts made with Bisquik baking mix, topped them with sauce, cheese […]

Get on the Bus

Forget shopping for school supplies or back to school haircuts.  The first day of school tomorrow means it’s time to bake school bus cookies.  Here’s to a great 2017-2018. For a look at the school bus photos from the past, click here. 

Brotherly Love

Mason woke up with morning with the grand plan to make his brother a special pancake breakfast. I believe he found his inspiration from DanCakes after seeing an video on Snapchat.  I stepped out of his way and let him have at it. Pancake number one was supposed to be for Walker but I had […]

Let’s Talk Turkey!

A few years ago when we went to Michigan for Thanksgiving with the Sandersons, Jordan made us  a very special turkey.  Bill’s office is having a Thanksgiving themed potluck tomorrow and he always likes to take something vegetarian and healthy.  I offered to make him a turkey. I have a very sizable tray from Crate […]

Try It Tuesday :: Cordon Bleu Edition

While I will win no awards for my foodie pictures on this post, I did hit the jackpot with tonight’s entrée:  Chicken Cordon Bleu. There was a bit of debate about why the dish is named as such but after a bit of sleuthing, we learned that cordon bleu means blue ribbon. So chicken cordon […]

Try It Tuesday :: Chili Edition

As the school year approached, I was looking for a few ideas to streamline dinner.  I asked the boys for input and was really surprised when Mason suggested Try It Tuesday.  I am so excited! Everyone will get a chance to make a suggestion.  Sometimes we will eat at home and sometimes we will dine […]

Double Duty Banquet

Captain D. had a lot of merit badges to present to Walker at the Boy Scout Mother’s Day Banquet and Court of Honor.  The boys prepared a wonderful meal:  salad, High Adventure Macaroni from Walker’s cookbook, and Jerett’s version of the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie and Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar.  I always appreciate how the […]

A Budding Chef

I have to admit, Mason has been bit by the cooking bug and he is doing quite well.  He got up early to make breakfast Walker.  He chose the menu and executed the presentation all on his own. You can bet that Walker cleaned the plate.  Heck, yeah!

Eat Your Science

Our family has been long time lovers of Alton Brown.  Over the years, Bill and I have watched plenty of Good Eats with and without the kids.  Recently we expanded our love of Alton Brown to include his series, Cutthroat Kitchen.  It’s totally different than Good Eats but Alton’s personality shines through just as brightly. […]

Treat Tray

When I signed up to help make RCIA treats, it was really because I like to bake.  However, one of my friends is an RCIA sponsor and mentioned that savory treats were also appreciated. Tonight I prepared Five Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Wraps.  They were simple to make and oh, so delicious.  I cooked the chicken […]