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Destination :: Illinois

Today was a divide and conquer day.  The scouts had a hike on the calendar, Walker volunteered at a golf benefit for Camp Ondessonk and I had a service commitment for Mother to Mother.  It was dark o’clock when the Bill and the boys headed out to Illinois. Walker spent the day helping at the […]

Holding Court

This afternoon was our annual Boy Scout Court of Honor at the park.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we had a nice turnout of families.  After lunch, the Court of Honor began.  Ben and Jerett gave a report on their experiences hiking Philmont on the St. George Trek last month. They covered a […]

Scout Cooking

Tonight’s scout meeting was geared toward practicing skills and we have learned there are two things that really grab a scout’s attention—food and fire. To that aim, Bill provided the opportunity for them to prepare cheese and pepperoni pizza in Dutch ovens.  They mixed crusts made with Bisquik baking mix, topped them with sauce, cheese […]

A Good Turn

One of the scouts in our troop is working on his eagle project right now, building informational kiosks for the zoo.  He invited other scouts to come help paint so Mason and Bill went to lend a hand. They were in good company.  It was heartwarming to see scouts of all ranks as well as […]

Camp Ransburg Recap

Our troop went to Camp Ransburg again this summer.  It is located about two hours north of us in Bloomington, Indiana. It’s a very big camp and quite active during the summer.  When they arrived, Bill had to park the trailer way down the hill away from the permanent tents. That meant that the first […]

Camp Ransburg, Here They Come

The troop gathered bright and early at the scout house to load the trailer and set off. The group included several senior scouts (Walker, Ben, Ian and Triston), six newly crossed-over scouts (Mason, Cole, Daniel, Luke, Sam, and Pierce) and two leaders (Bill and David). Our third leader, Captain D, would drive up Sunday. The […]

On Eagle’s Wings

Tonight was the night! Walker went before the Eagle Scout Review Board to present his project for approval. He was armed with his completed binder and prepared to answer questions.  He had a practice review board with leaders from our troop which helped him gather his thoughts and prepare answers to questions that the board […]

Giving Service for Christmas

This morning was Breakfast with Santa, the annual gathering hosted by the PTSA and catered by the Boy Scout troop.  This year Bill invited the Webelos to come along and do some of the cooking.  I went along as well to watch how things were done.  Behind the scenes, a full breakfast was being prepared. […]

Troop Time

Mason’s Webelos den is looking ahead to the early part of next year when they will be crossing over to join our Boy Scout Troop.  In anticipation of that, tonight the boys attended one of their meetings. The meeting started with the scouts circled up front. After the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, the […]

Picnic at the Park

It was a beautiful day for a family picnic with the scouts.  It was our Summer Court of Honor. The Webelos families were invited to participate with the opening ceremony they did at their pack meeting.  They actually outnumbered the boy scouts present.  There were a few merit badges to be presented to scouts. Once […]