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The Total Eclipse

For many moons now, no pun intended, there has been a lot of talk around our parts about the eclipse because where we live, the opportunity to experience a total eclipse was quite within reach.  In our neck of the woods, a partial eclipse was expected, peaking at 1:24:54 pm CDT with the moon obscuring […]

Wrapping Up Lodge week

Today marks the end of the summer camp season for Ondessonk campers and the goodbyes took much longer than usual.  Both of the boys wanted to linger and get their last camp fixes. Mason played as many rounds of gaga as he could and Walker disappeared to say goodbye to all the staff and campers […]

Lodge Week

Today starts the last session of camp for the summer.  The boys were both so excited to get there that even though we were up super late with sashes, we were out the door by seven in the morning.  We stopped for Starbucks and McDonalds breakfast and we still managed to arrive first at the […]

Oh, Sash!

Mason and Walker are both proud Camp Ondessonk Lodge members.  Recently, they reminded me that there is such a thing as a lodge arrowhead.  To earn this arrowhead, the boys each need to attend a lodge reunion weekend, do a few service projects at camp and make 40 lodge sashes.  Mason wanted to make his […]

The Bay Area Blitz

As I mentioned in an earlier post, half of our family went to San Francisco after camp.  While Mason and I were exploring New York, Bill and Walker were in San Francisco.  They enjoyed a good night sleep at their hotel and were up and running early on Sunday morning.  They started with 7 AM […]

Divide and Conquer

We picked up two very happy and very dirty boys from Camp Ondessonk this morning.  This week Mason attended Boys’ Week and celebrated his birthday at camp in the unit of Chabanel. Chabanel is usually a unit reserved for girls but Mason always chooses it for Boys’ Week. The cabins are nestled in a cave […]

Boys Will Be Boys

Mason was a repeat camper for Boys’ Week at Camp Ondessonk. *Hanging out at the swimming area with Cooper on his left and Martin, on his right. *Playing peekaboo behind Rowan at the Challenge course.  This was taken on Mason’s actual 12th birthday and it represents his fun spirit.  He’s always up for a fun […]

Same Place, Same Time

We did it again! We were first in line for camp drop off.  This week Mason is attending Boys’ Week and Walker will be doing Backpacking and Ziplining.  Mason will be in the great unit of Chabanel with his unit leader, Michael.  While I checked Mason in, Bill signed Walker in with his unit leader, […]

Camp Ransburg Recap

Our troop went to Camp Ransburg again this summer.  It is located about two hours north of us in Bloomington, Indiana. It’s a very big camp and quite active during the summer.  When they arrived, Bill had to park the trailer way down the hill away from the permanent tents. That meant that the first […]

Camp Ransburg, Here They Come

The troop gathered bright and early at the scout house to load the trailer and set off. The group included several senior scouts (Walker, Ben, Ian and Triston), six newly crossed-over scouts (Mason, Cole, Daniel, Luke, Sam, and Pierce) and two leaders (Bill and David). Our third leader, Captain D, would drive up Sunday. The […]