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Fall Lodge Reunion

Walker couldn’t wait to get out to Camp Ondessonk on Friday night for the Fall Lodge Reunion. It was a full weekend to spend time with folks he enjoys at the place that makes his heart happy. The main goal is to do service for camp as the Lodge mission states. I’m not sure what […]

Service Sunday

When we were at Camp Ondessonk for eclipse weekend, Mason completed a service project for his lodge arrowhead by helping reset the meeting room for the workshops. During the set up, the camp director commented to Bill that the chairs were functional but pretty unsightly.  A light bulb went off and Mason proposed that he […]

Destination :: Illinois

Today was a divide and conquer day.  The scouts had a hike on the calendar, Walker volunteered at a golf benefit for Camp Ondessonk and I had a service commitment for Mother to Mother.  It was dark o’clock when the Bill and the boys headed out to Illinois. Walker spent the day helping at the […]

The Total Eclipse

For many moons now, no pun intended, there has been a lot of talk around our parts about the eclipse because where we live, the opportunity to experience a total eclipse was quite within reach.  In our neck of the woods, a partial eclipse was expected, peaking at 1:24:54 pm CDT with the moon obscuring […]

A Good Turn

One of the scouts in our troop is working on his eagle project right now, building informational kiosks for the zoo.  He invited other scouts to come help paint so Mason and Bill went to lend a hand. They were in good company.  It was heartwarming to see scouts of all ranks as well as […]

The White Mass

St. John the Baptist celebrated the White Mass tonight.   A White Mass was traditionally celebrated on the Feast of Saint Luke (the patron saint of physicians) in hospitals, chapels, parish churches, cathedrals and everywhere physicians routinely gathered with their chaplains.  It was named as such for the white coats of the physicians but the Mass […]

Daily Service

Becoming an altar server is a wonderful rite of passage.  At St. John, incoming fifth graders are trained and then they serve a week’s worth of daily masses at 7 am.  In this way, they garner experience to serve at weekend masses starting in the sixth grade.  Father Tom is known for his sense of […]

HaughnStrong Benefit

In a labor of love and friendship, our community came together to celebrate life with Chris and his family.  The lines of connection cross multiple times but Chris and his wife, Millie, have four kiddos.  We know them from school, church and our 4-H club. In his honor, our 4-H club sponsored a benefit dinner […]

Scouts are Serving

In keeping with the mission to serve, the Scouts (Boys, Girls, Cubs and Daisies) all lent a hand at the soup kitchen today.  It is good to serve and even better to serve with friends.

Boy Scout Service

As an ongoing service commitment, Walker’s Boy Scout Troop serves food at one of the local shelters once a month.  They meet in the morning and do some food preparation before the guests arrive. The first time he attended, the troop needed to provide two sheet cakes for the guests.  He signed up to make […]