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I Spy for Cate

Good friends of mine just welcomed their first grandchild into the world. They have always been admirers of my handwork so I knew a little quilt was in order.  There have been many variations of my I Spy quilts over the years but they never get old.  I enjoyed making this one just as much […]

Lynnsey’s Quilt

  Wouldn’t you know I was working on the last shirt quilt when a request to make another one rolled in?  Out of the blue Bill got a text from a former colleague asking if I would be able to make a quilt for her daughter.  When I met with Cindy, she presented me a […]

My Spin Class

It was a happy moment when I realized that my friend, Amanda, was teaching a quilt class while the boys and Bill were at camp. It didn’t matter that the class was being offered in a city about as far away from mine in Indiana. Getting to quilt with her has been on my bucket […]

Zachary’s Quilt

My godson Zachary is graduating today from high school and to celebrate that milestone, I made him a quilt.  This is not just any quilt.  This is a quilt made from the shirts and jerseys he has worn for his entire baseball career from Little League through high school.   With the exception of the grey […]

Spread your (Bat) Wings!

Don’t you just love when you ask a friend if you can borrow her wingspan and her feet to take a quilt picture after a run and all she says is, “Sure! Should I bring brown or black boots?” A supersized Halloween jelly roll race quilt became two lap sized ones for my two ghosts, […]


Goodness gracious, me! This quilt top is a long time in the making. By long time, I mean more than five years.  I have no idea precisely why it took me so long for me to execute but I have some guesses. Back on July 4, 2011, one of my favorite quilters posted a quilt-a-long […]

The Birthday Boy!

While Mason was able to wake up under the birthday quilt the day before his birthday, I waited until he got back from camp to take the pictures in front of the hanging quilt. 

Marie’s Memorial Mini

I can’t remember if she approached me or I approached her but Tina had seen the quilt I made for Laura after Wayne passed away.  Tina’s sister was dying of cancer and she too wanted a textile memory.  So when the time came to go through Marie’s things, I suggested Tina bring me back some […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In the spirit of more recycled materials and stitching on paper, I quickly assembled these cards using felted hearts.  I made them for each of the boys and Bill and gave them to a few friends.  Simple and sweet was my motto.  The middle schoolers decided to exchange Valentines and Walker went for the easiest […]

Will It Get Done?

Several years ago I started a quilt for Halloween.  It has been languishing in my office.  I pulled it out to see if I could find the time to get it finished by Halloween this year.  It seems a shame to have it folded up but not enjoyed.  The top is all pieced of tons […]