Try It Tuesday :: Crab Edition


Look! It’s eating his finger.


Crab legs have been Mason’s request for a few weeks but I just wasn’t sure where to go here to get them.  There was the option of buying them at the international market and making them at home but sometimes a restaurant improves the likability of a dish. 

Off to Red Lobster we went and Mason ordered the snow crab legs.  It was a bit of a test to crack them open but with Bill’s help and tutelage, we had success.  Mason’s verdict was that “crab was good but I’d rather have shrimp because it’s not as hard to eat.” 

We have deduced that Mason is a seafood fan, now adding crab to his list of favorites which also includes shrimp and calamari. 

Sunday is Fun Day

Mason was all torn up about Walker being gone on the Washington DC trip.  Bill was not much better.  They were mopey and sad. Until I mentioned going to breakfast at IHOP.  Then it was like the sun came out.  Mason had big plans to take full advantage of only child status.  He settled in […]

Off They Go

Excitement drove Walker right out of bed way earlier than normal and much, much easier than usual.  He was packed and itching to leave by 5:30 AM even though we were supposed to arrive at school at 6 AM.  Who could blame him?    The adventure of the 8th grade trip was moments from starting and […]

It’s Popcorn time!

I’m happy to present the new popcorn distribution center! That’s right.  That’s NOT our garage!  It took some time for someone to step up as the new popcorn kernel but they did better.  They came up with a plan and two dads are now in charge.  One is housing the inventory and the other is […]

Try It Tuesday :: Shrimp Edition

Mason didn’t skip a beat when I asked him what he’d like for Try It Tuesday this week. Coconut shrimp sounded pretty good but I had to narrow it down.  Shrimp in a coconut sauce?  Shrimp with coconut flavor?  Was the shrimp supposed to be wet or dry when it was served?  I probed further […]

4-H Foosball

Tonight was our first 4-H meeting of the year.  To change it up a little, we met at the Newburgh Park called Fortress of Fun.  First we had a regular meeting and, as a treat, ice cream sundaes.  Then for our activity, the kids moved to a small contained section of the fortress and played […]

Wicked Good Pizza

When we were at the Apple store in Louisville, I asked the employee who was helping us if she had any suggestions for pizza from a local place.  She had a few suggestions and one of them was on our way back to the highway.  Wick’s Pizza was awesome! Walker ordered Fettuccini Alwicko and Mason […]

Happy Birthday, Walker!

It’s mind boggling to see this boy of ours is now 14! He’s grown up so tall and by tall, I mean 5’11 1/8” at the doctor last week. He looks a little sleepy here at breakfast this morning but slow mornings are part and parcel of adolescence now. Right after school we headed to […]

The Webelos at Camp

The Webelos 2 set off for their first den camping trip early this morning.  Their destination was…drumroll…Camp Ondessonk.  They went with their leaders and one token Boy Scout AKA Walker. Besides our family, only one other person in our group had ever been to Ondessonk. Mason had really talked up sleeping in a cave at […]

Happy Birthday, Hibachi

For the second year in a row, Walker wanted to celebrate his birthday at Roppongi with friends.  Bill drove the entire crew of boys to the restaurant and I happily followed (alone). We were joined by Jackson, Joseph, Noah, and Ethan.  We had a great chef who played up his role which made it all […]