Happy Birthday, Walker!



It’s mind boggling to see this boy of ours is now 14! He’s grown up so tall and by tall, I mean 5’11 1/8” at the doctor last week.


He looks a little sleepy here at breakfast this morning but slow mornings are part and parcel of adolescence now.


Right after school we headed to Louisville.  Walker has been wanting and saving for an Apple watch since the first generation rolled out a few years ago.  With the announcement last week about the new Apple 2 watch’s enhancements, there was no question that he wanted it more than ever.  He was close to reaching the necessary dollar amount when we started our drive, but after opening all of his birthday cards, he more than hit the mark!  In fact, with all of the birthday bucks he received, he had sufficient funds to buy the watch, an extra band and the Belkin valet charging station he wanted.  The watches were not released yet and were only available for preorder online but he was able to come home with the valet and the extra band.


From there we went to a lovely dinner at PF Chang’s and got ice cream at Cold Stone.  We hopped in the car at that point and headed on back to town. 

Happy Birthday, Walker!

The Webelos at Camp

The Webelos 2 set off for their first den camping trip early this morning.  Their destination was…drumroll…Camp Ondessonk.  They went with their leaders and one token Boy Scout AKA Walker. Besides our family, only one other person in our group had ever been to Ondessonk. Mason had really talked up sleeping in a cave at […]

Happy Birthday, Hibachi

For the second year in a row, Walker wanted to celebrate his birthday at Roppongi with friends.  Bill drove the entire crew of boys to the restaurant and I happily followed (alone). We were joined by Jackson, Joseph, Noah, and Ethan.  We had a great chef who played up his role which made it all […]

Try It Tuesday :: Quiche

Walker selected quiche for tonight’s dinner.  I thought a meat version might be a good entry point for this meal.  I used this recipe to prepare an Italian Sausage Quiche.    I served it with sautéed mushrooms and spinach, vegetable crudité and bread.  Everyone enjoyed this meal so this one will definitely make it in the […]

Friends’ Weekend

Camp Ondessonk is our kids’ summer home away home and it’s exactly where we wanted to be for Labor Day weekend.  This last hurrah of summer is open by invitation to anyone who has given time, talent or treasure and for many, it’s a highlight of their year.  The current camp staff members return to […]

Teach One, Build One

Chair production took place in our home workshop today with a new apprentice.  With Walker’s guidance, Mason partially completed a chair.  His first job was to trace where the arm placement meets the legs. Bill also explained how pieces lined up. My favorite part was seeing Walker gently guide Mason’s hands with the drill. Thanks, […]

Try It Tuesday :: Vietnamese Edition

Walker loves our Vietnamese Restaurant.  A friend of his treated him to dinner here and he has been talking it up.  With Mason’s current enthusiasm for trying new things, he suggested now is a good time to introduce Mason to it.  First up were the spring rolls.  They wrap shrimp, rice vermicelli and fresh herbs […]

Made with Special Sauce

See that pile? I delivered my Lenten pillowcases to our local Ronald McDonald House.  While they were unfamiliar with the One Million Pillowcase Challenge, they happily received my donation.  They asked to document the donation with a picture of me to post on their Facebook page but I shied away from that.  Instead, I consented […]

Picnic at the Park

It was a beautiful day for a family picnic with the scouts.  It was our Summer Court of Honor. The Webelos families were invited to participate with the opening ceremony they did at their pack meeting.  They actually outnumbered the boy scouts present.  There were a few merit badges to be presented to scouts. Once […]


Though I have been blogging now for nine years (gasp) and have put up 1,496 posts, Mason has just recently discovered this spot of ours on the internet. This afternoon I found him sitting at the computer reading entries from years ago.  He has always been my child who has loved being told personal family […]