On the Edge


Last night Mason and I added our third stadium to the list of major league baseball stadiums we have visited this summer.


Hello, Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds.


This time our seats were the first row in the outfield.  It was a very different and very fun experience.  We were told at the beginning that we could not place anything on the ledge as soon as the game started so as not to interfere with game play.


The sun was very bright for the first few innings.


When it dropped behind the stands, we were both much happier.


Mid-game we circled the stadium in search of Mason’s favorite souvenir: soft serve in a team helmet.


Despite our proximity to the field, we did not win a shirt hoisted from the little car nor did we catch a ball.  Maybe next time.



Although the Reds lost 2-11 against the Diamondbacks, it was a great night for baseball.


We stayed at a hotel near the airport which made our drive back to Newburgh all the easier.


On the entire way back, Mason fiddled with his Rubik’s cube, working hard to crack the code. 


Except for the scrambled face of the cube he is covering, he is almost there!

A Good Turn

One of the scouts in our troop is working on his eagle project right now, building informational kiosks for the zoo.  He invited other scouts to come help paint so Mason and Bill went to lend a hand. They were in good company.  It was heartwarming to see scouts of all ranks as well as […]

How Did He Do That?

Hello, Nashville! For Mason’s birthday, we got tickets to for David Blaine on tour at Ryman Auditorium.  The show started at 8 but we drove down early so we could kick around town and have a nice dinner. We explored another video game arcade.  Similar to the one we visited in Chicago, they also had a […]

Royal Fun

Today Mason and I took Martin, Carter and Colin to the Royal Suite theater to see Spider-Man: Homecoming.  It was Mason’s choice to invite friends to have a meal, stretch out and be waited on while watching a movie as his birthday celebration.  When the show was over, the boys all came back to the […]

Go Cardinals!

We made a last minute decision to head to St. Louis for a Sunday afternoon baseball game.  Guests over 16 got complimentary hats which we desperately needed on this afternoon. Our seats were in a prime location but in the direct sun.  It was so hot that Mason and I almost burned our legs when […]

The Bay Area Blitz

As I mentioned in an earlier post, half of our family went to San Francisco after camp.  While Mason and I were exploring New York, Bill and Walker were in San Francisco.  They enjoyed a good night sleep at their hotel and were up and running early on Sunday morning.  They started with 7 AM […]

The Switch

When we arrived back home, a box awaited Mason.  This was not just any box.  It was the elusive new gaming system, The Switch.  It’s a long story but Mason has been saving and saving for this coveted device.  It slipped through our fingers a few times when it was in stock at two local […]

We’re Leaving Today…

In my head I can still hear Frank singing New York, New York after our hearing it at the end of our Yankee game on the 4th of July.  It’s a pleasant way to start our last day in the city.  Leaving on a 5:30 PM flight meant we had some more time to explore […]

Up, Down, All Around Town

Bill boasted that there was a better deli than Mason and I should investigate and he was not kidding. It was called Essen and it was unbelievable.    These few pictures only feature a small part of what they offered.  They had at least four full hot buffets and as many cold bars with a […]

Fourth Fun!

Today we had tickets for the Yankee game at 1 pm so we left Westbrook on the early side.  We took advantage of the fact that we had a little leeway with time to see if we could find two of the places Bill lived in Greenwich when he was a kid.  Finding the first […]