Spreading Good Cheer


It is the tradition of the Cub Scouts to hold the December pack meeting at a nursing home with the primary intention of singing Christmas carols to the residents. For the last few years, we have been singing at a retirement home with a spacious activity room. 


Quite a few residents rolled in to join us in song.It warmed my heart to see the residents and scouts interact.  The audience tapped their feet and sang along while the scouts cheerfully belted out the lyrics.


It doesn’t really matter how well one sings, just that we do it.


When the caroling ended, the residents returned to their rooms and we finished our meeting.  Bill, and the other den leaders, handed out awards and pins to the scouts.  Their new pins are worn on ribbons on their sleeves which helps keeps them from getting lost.

Tonight another chapter of cub scouts closes for Mason since the Boy Scouts do other activities at Christmas. I’m glad it ended on a high note. 

The Gifts of St. Nick’s Day

In preparation for St. Nick’s arrival, the boys put their shoes in front of the fireplace last night.  The funny thing is that I forgot that St. Nick’s day was today and I kept harping on the kids to put their shoes away.  Silly me! At any rate, this morning Walker and Mason discovered that […]

Baseball Love

This is what you get when you combine baseball, good friends and knitting.  My pal Melissa is the first person I met when I moved to Indiana.  She was knitting in the “wild” at a mom and pop version of Chuck E. Cheese while her daughter was playing.  We lost track of each other over […]

Giving Service for Christmas

This morning was Breakfast with Santa, the annual gathering hosted by the PTSA and catered by the Boy Scout troop.  This year Bill invited the Webelos to come along and do some of the cooking.  I went along as well to watch how things were done.  Behind the scenes, a full breakfast was being prepared. […]

RIP Striker

Poor little Striker passed away yesterday afternoon.  He came to live with us on Christmas day in 2012.  His arrival remains one of my favorite Christmas memories.  I’ll be revisiting that link to see the video often. We got up early and had a solemn burial for our beloved guinea pig and then, after serving […]

Much to my Delight

Back when we lived in Loma Linda, we started an Advent tradition.  I collected 25 Christmas and Winter themed books and wrapped them up.  Starting December 1st, we unwrapped one book each night and had a read aloud.  We did it religiously every season and I really looked forward to it. The last few years […]

Nurse Mason

Our little guinea pig Striker is having a rough time lately.  Over the past few weeks, his nose has crusted up.  The first time it happened, I took him to the vet.  He was on oral antibiotics and getting drops in both eyes and his nose.  Mason took on the responsibility of dosing and dispensing […]

Try It Tuesday :: Chinese Edition

I polled the people for suggestions for this week’s Try It Tuesday and got a resounding reply that it should be Chinese food.  Mason more specifically requested Chicken Teriyaki.  I served it with good old fashioned steamed white rice and a vegetable stir fry mix with noodles.  This Try It Tuesday met with great delight.  […]


On the Friday when Laynie and Sophia and I were returning from Mount Vernon, I got a text from Walker’s teacher asking me if I had seen his presentation about To Kill a Mockingbird.  He had to do a culminating project for the Book Celebration and the scope of acceptable options was wide. I saw […]


Well, it’s time to wrap up the Thanksgiving break. After the delivery of the chairs on Saturday, we all became elves and made fast work of sprinkling holiday decorations in and around our home.  Bill is a maniac, I tell you.  He cleaned the gutters first and then put up all the lights outside.  The […]